GH AMC Mathison Budig reunion
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Several lives, including Finn’s, could be about to get a lot more complicated.

Ever since General Hospital revealed that Cameron Mathison had been cast in a new mystery role, fans have been trying to figure out exactly who he might be playing. While the notion of him showing up as a recast Drew (the part formerly played by Billy Miller) has sparked heated debate, we can’t help but hope he’ll actually be stepping back into his former All My Children role of Ryan… and in doing so, reuniting with onetime on-screen wife Rebecca Budig (Greenlee; most recently General Hospital‘s Hayden).

All My Children viewers will recall that in the Pine Valley-set sudser, Ryan Lavery was the stand-up guy who couldn’t help falling for good-when-she-wasn’t-being-bad girl Greenlee. By the time the ABC version of the sudser ended, the pair had been through several wringers on their way to a presumably happy ending.

But that was way back in 2011, and it’s easy to imagine that a whole lot has happened since then… including Ryan having moved on with a new lady.

AMC Ryan Greenlee HW

“My God, this is such a good idea, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it first!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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The timing couldn’t be better for Hayden to pop back up on the canvas… and the recent announcement that Sean Blakemore will soon return as Shawn Butler perfectly sets the stage for her to do so. You might remember that Shawn’s been rotting away in prison for having attempted to murder Hayden, a crime he didn’t actually commit, as she well knows.

Might a guilty conscience — or, knowing the erstwhile Rachel Berlin, a far less altruistic motive — compel her to finally come forward and set him free?

And when she does so, might Mathison’s Ryan be by her side? Perhaps hoping to not only set Shawn free but reclaim daughter Violet, Hayden may have realized that could prove easier said than done. After all, she not only kept Finn in the dark about their daughter’s existence for ages, but then abandoned the child to his care.

Sure, it was for Violet’s own safety, given that dark forces were threatening Hayden (in the forms of both ex-husband Nikolas and his uncle Valentin), but combined with her other past legal issues, custody might prove an uphill battle.

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What better way to prove she’s changed than by showing up happily (at least on the surface) married to a sweetheart like Ryan, who just happens to be rich enough to grease the wheels of justice if need be. Finn would be both drawn to his ex-fiancé/babymama and, given her new circumstances, compelled to reunite with Anna in order to prove that he, too, could give Violet a stable home life.

From there, the romantic, complicated scenarios practically write themselves. But what do you think, General Hospital fans? Would you welcome the All My Children transplant? And how do you feel about the possibility of Budig’s Hayden returning? Share your thoughts in the comment section and then — since we’re clearly in an All My Children state of mind — check out the massive photo-and-memory-filled gallery below in which we revisit the soap on which we fell in love with Ryan and Greenlee.