GH Rundown for the week of November 9.

Last week wasn’t quite as exciting as the one before when Claudia met her demise, but they can’t all be ‘can’t miss’ weeks, and besides, this week James Franco begins his two month stint on GH, so I’m okay with a little breather.

A Serious Matter

I feel that Lulu should take Dante being a cop a little more seriously. She jokes around about it in public like she’s ribbing him for a funny hobby. As he keeps telling her, if Sonny finds out, he could get killed. So, Lulu, for the sake of my current GH obsession, please rein it in a little bit.

Growing On Me

The Nik/Liz/Lucky triangle has gotten more interesting for me. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the re-addition of Jonathan Jackson as Lucky, the feeling that it’s all coming to a head, or the fact that Luke now knows, but I’m looking forward to seeing the fallout from Lucky actually finding out the truth about his brother sleeping with his fiancée. Did anyone else wish Elizabeth had actually told Lucky the truth, instead of it only being in her imagination? I would love to see a character unexpectedly blurt out the truth like that just once. However, Elizabeth’s speech at Emily’s grave was well done and pretty honest about how she wanted to stop wanting Nikolas, but basically her heart and body wouldn’t let her. That went a long way with me in understanding where she was coming from.

I found Nikolas to be a bit annoying though when he butted in on Lucky and Elizabeth’s romantic dinner. I don’t think Lucky could have been more clear about him not being welcome there.