Brook Lynn's return could blow up Valentin's world on General Hospital
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Does Brook Lynn’s plan for Valentin go deeper than we realize?

After leaving Port Charles with a pregnancy test in her purse, viewers expected General Hospital’s Brook Lynn to return pregnant. Therefore, her baby bump wasn’t a huge surprise. Well, the enormity of said bump was a little jarring. But what was an even bigger shock, was how quickly BLQ revealed Valentin was the father.

We expected questions to surround the paternity of her baby to last weeks or months. We imagined she’d enlist Chase to pretend he was the father or lie that someone outside of Port Charles got her pregnant. You know, fake a paternity test or two.

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Brook Lynn has a plan GH

Instead, Brook Lynn has told anyone who will listen the-formerly-most-feared Cassadine is the father. Don’t get us wrong. The reactions from those learning she is pregnant have been super entertaining. It’s just not as soapy as we thought it would be.

But you know what would be soapy? If Brook Lynn is lying about being pregnant in order to con her former one-night-stand out of his ELQ shares. It’s not hard to imagine her hatching this plan while licking her wounds in Bensonhurst after the mess she made before leaving town.

It would explain her uneasy reaction to Maxie’s suggestion that Britt serve as her doctor and Lucas as her Lamaze coach. Were they to get too close to her fake baby bump, her secret could be exposed. Although, by the end of yesterday’s episode, Brook Lynn came around to the idea of Lucas being in the room when she delivered and couldn’t wait to tell him her plan. Leading us to again wonder if said plan is a fake pregnancy.

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Valentin learns Brook Lynn is pregnant on General Hospital

It’s a scheme that would make Brook Lynn’s Granny proud, but Valentin very, very angry. He is already on board with being a father again, but should he give up control of ELQ only to find out she lied about having his baby, well, then, Brook Lynn might want to start planning a return trip to Bensonhurst.

What do you think? Does Brook Lynn’s scheme to get Valentin’s ELQ shares go deeper than we originally suspected? Or are we reading too much into things? Look through our photo gallery of soap actors’ recent real-life baby announcements and then sound off below!

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