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It would be sick, twisted and all kinds of wrong.

Now that General Hospital has brought Nina face to face with “Mike” — aka amnesiac Mob kingpin Sonny — she’s in a unique position to hurt the woman she blames for the death of daughter Nelle. For starters, Nina can simply keep the whereabouts of Carly’s husband a secret — and letting his family believe that he’s dead would be quite nasty enough.

But, this being a soap and Nina being Nina, she could take an extra step in her revenge plot — by seducing “Mike.” It wouldn’t be hard, either, considering that he’s already having vague dreams of a blonde woman. And how satisfying would it be for her to take from Carly the man she loves, when in Nina’s mind, she never really had the man she loved since Jax’s first priority was always his ex-wife?

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There’s just one problem with that twist — and it’s a biggie. Were Nina to hit the sheets with “Mike,” she’d be taking advantage of someone not in his right mind. How could he give consent when he doesn’t even know who he is, much less that he’s married to someone else entirely?

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It would be dramatic, for sure, but also a monumental step backwards for Nina, who has come such a long way since her days of faking paralysis and kidnapping Avery.

“Nina has worked very hard to get herself healthy,” co-headwriter Dan O’Connor reminds “She is far stronger than some people give her credit for.”

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“But… ” chimes in co-headwriter Chris Van Etten. And you knew there was going to be a “but,” didn’t you? “But at the same time, people under stress can sometimes make poor decisions.”

What do you think, General Hospital fans? Will Nina go so far as to make Carly’s amnesiac husband her lover? On your way to the comments to weigh in, stop off at the below photo gallery, a rundown of daytime’s greatest rivalries ever — a list to which we may soon have to add Carly and Nina!