Vanessa Marcil cancer patient message GH
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

The actress had a few things that she needed to make clear.

Like her alter ego on General Hospital, Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda) has never been afraid to speak her mind. She’s taken to Instagram to empower her fellow women, speak up about her and her mother’s relationship with her father and encourage people to look beyond how long couples have survived to whether or not they’re actually happy.

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So when someone interpreted Marcil discussing her unhealthy relationships as a little too close to man-bashing, they couldn’t help but break out a version of #NotAllMen. And the actress did not hesitate to use it as a teaching moment.

“No one said men were bad,” she wrote back. That’s never been her point at all. Instead, she’s wanted to use her own experiences to challenge people to rethink bad relationships as learning opportunities — which is exactly what she turned the conversation itself into.

“All relationships are a gift because of the lessons,” she concluded. “Never because of how long they last.”

The actress then shared the exchange on Instagram and added a few more words of clarification.

“I love men,” she wrote. “Just because I stand so ferociously with women doesn’t mean I don’t support men. Let’s stop putting people in broad boxes.”

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In the end, love is what Marcil wants to spread; love for others, and especially love for self. Sometimes it takes a bit more of a struggle to get to that love than others, but for her, the journey has never been about hate.

At the end of the day, few understand the allure of unhealthy relationships like those in the daytime world. So while you take a gander at our top 30 supercouples, it might be worth thinking about the lessons that can be learned from the loves that lasted and the loves we lost. And don’t worry, this list most certainly includes our beloved Sonny and Brenda!