Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

The actor offers up some some advice that we all could use. 

Peter’s life may be spiraling out of control on General Hospital, but portrayer Wes Ramsey is here to remind us to step back and take a breath. “Enjoy the journey, folks,” he posted to Instagram. “But remember to live for today.”

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We couldn’t agree more. Sometimes you need to take the time to sit back and take in the beautiful view that’s right in front of us. (Also, while we don’t usually think of rocks as terribly comfy, Ramsey makes them look absolutely luxurious.)

“We may not be promised tomorrow,” Ramsey continued, “but we still are the architects of our destiny.”

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It seems the actor himself has taken those words of wisdom to heart, but we can’t help but think that maybe Peter should have done the same. The destiny he’s been working toward tends more often than not to lean in the direction of the diabolical rather than blissful!

In fact, with his web of lies unraveling, it seems like half of Port Charles has put him on their hit list. And that is one town where the locals have no problem pulling the trigger. In Obrecht’s case, it might even be a metaphorical trigger, since she’s brainwashed and weaponized Dante into helping her avenge son Nathan’s death.

What do you think, General Hospital fans? Is Peter a dead man walking? On your way to the comments, check out the below photo gallery of folks we think might make Peter the newest resident of the Port Charles cemetery.