Franco faces Jason on General Hospital
Credit: ABC screenshot

There might be fan uproar should the GH actor be recast in *this* role.  

There was a lot of Drew talk on General Hospital before Franco was killed last week. Franco even started sensing his former childhood friend’s memories again. And now that we know Roger Howarth is returning to the ABC soap, despite his character dying, we started connecting some dots… and we have concerns.

Listen, we want Drew back. There are tons of unresolved storylines we’d like to see the soap address. It would even make sense storyline-wise to bring him back right now. And if Billy Miller isn’t returning, then a recast will do — just not Roger Howarth.

Here’s why.

Soap operas love to redeem their villains and have everyone forget their sins. But, General Hospital did the smart thing and kept Jason and Sam hating Franco, even after he won the love of Port Charles’ sweetheart Elizabeth. Whether they were interacting with him, or just discussing him, viewers always felt Jason and Sam’s hatred for their former tormenter.

If they put Drew’s memories and personality into Franco’s body it would be an insult not only to the characters, but to the audience as well. Sam loved Drew, he is her daughter’s father, and there are devoted ‘Dream’ fans who want a reunion, which could happen considering Sam and Jason broke up. But no one wants to watch Sam potentially fall in love with the face of a man who strapped her to a bomb, drugged her, let her believe he raped her, kidnapped her son, and lived his life with the sole purpose of torturing her ex-husband Jason.

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Yeah, yeah, we know his face technically belonged to actor James Franco when those things occurred, and not Roger Howarth, but the idea is the same.

Heck, even if Sam wouldn’t want to reunite with Drew romantically, she still shouldn’t have to co-parent with someone who looks like Franco.

Besides, One Life to Live did a similar thing when an amnesiac Marty fell in love with her rapist Todd. Even though Todd was played by Trevor St. John when that storyline took place, and not Roger Howarth who originated the role, many fans were furious. They had every right to be. We do not want a repeat of that on GH.

So, yes, General Hospital, bring back Roger Howarth. Resurrect Drew Cain while you’re at it and give him the storyline he deserves. Just don’t make the two things one and the same.

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