gh brenda Vanessa Marcil at arrivals for The Universal Pictures'' Premiere of PRIME, The Ziegfeld Theatre, New York, NY, Thursday, October 20, 2005. Photo by: Gregorio Binuya/Everett Collection
Credit: Gregorio Binuya/Everett of the Collection

The actress makes it clear what she finds hot… and not.

“Here’s my ass update,” Vanessa Marcil began her March 9 Instagram post. After recently copping to dropping the ball where her fitness regimen is concerned, she admitted that dang it, “I haven’t worked out again since my last post…

“But,” she added, “I think I may, on Thursday with my mom!”

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From there, the General Hospital Emmy winner shared a little appreciation of her shape, no matter the shape it’s in. “I love my body at every size, and so does [significant other] MC. We are drawn to each other through animal instincts.

“The only time we ever find each other unattractive,” she continued, “is when either of us are unkind.”

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Brenda’s portrayer definitely doesn’t share her character’s taste in men. “No… I don’t like ‘bad boys,'” she explained. “Or ‘make-up sex.’”

Even as she typed that last one, she threw in a puking emoji. “What do I find hot?” she went on. “Funny people, smart people, lack of shame, expression of sexual freedom, vulnerability and the bravery of self-reflection.”

While you’re here and in a Marcil-ly kinda mood, perhaps you might like to check out the below photo gallery, which takes you from her General Hospital introduction as Brenda all the way through the end of her run… so far.