gh who killed peter mashup
Credit: ABC, Chris D/JPI, Jill Johnson/JPI (4), ABC screenshot

At this point, the villain is living on borrowed time. 

Even before he left Franco to die, General Hospital baddie Peter had half of Port Charles gunning for him. Now, however, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in the town who doesn’t want to see the guy dead… which makes this the perfect time for the soap to stage the kind of whodunit which hasn’t been seen since the locals found themselves asking, “Who killed Susan Moore?”

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While the show hasn’t released so much as a spoiler indicating that Peter’s death is imminent, you don’t have to be a graphologist to read the writing on the wall. Ask any soap fan, and they’ll tell you that when people begin muttering things like “Die, die, die” in your presence, it might be time to consider relocating.

Need proof? Look no further than Days of Our Lives, where rapist Charlie Dale went so far as to challenge people to kill him… only to find out the hard way how seriously folks in Salem take such dares (even without them being elevated to the double-dog variety). Unless we miss our mark, Peter is currently trodding in Charlie’s ill-fated footsteps.

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For ages now, Maxie’s would-be husband has gotten away with one crime (ordering Drew’s plane downed) after another (kidnapping Drew) and another (framing Obrecht), earning himself an impressive collection of enemies along the way. So many, in fact, that we decided to compile a list which might ultimately help the PCPD keep track of who wanted Peter dead and why. Take a look through the rogues’ gallery below, then drop a note in the comment section to indicate who you’ll be eyeing suspiciously should Peter suddenly wind up dead!