Franco realizes what Peter did at Metro Court General Hospital
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The drama from the double wedding is far from over.

In the preview for General Hospital for March 8 – 12, the fallout from the double wedding drama continues. Read on for the scoop!

After Maxie was taken to the hospital with false labor pains, Peter grabbed his gun and was determined that nobody would keep him from her, until Franco hit him over the head with a crowbar. Prior to that, Franco remembered that Peter was the one who kidnapped Drew and delivered her to Helena. Franco ran into Sam and Dante while looking for Peter, and also gave Sam a cryptic message about needed to speak to Jason. Sam has to explain all of this and more to Liz, who wasn’t at the wedding.

In the hospital, Maxie finally comes face to face with the truth about Peter and cries to Anna, “The man I love is a lie!”

Meanwhile, Valentin runs into Spinelli and Jason at Sonny’s restaurant and fills them in on the drama. Jason asks Valentin what he wants, and Valentin gives him a surprising answer.

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Elsewhere, Franco has Peter tied up to a chair in what looks to be his old art studio and says, “As it is written, so shall it be.” What does he have planned for the man who has caused so much damage to others?

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