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Several Port Charles couples are facing make-it-or-break-it challenges.

Last month, co-headwriters Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor warned us that by the time February sweeps had concluded, the General Hospital canvas would be rocked by several twists, the impacts of which would be felt for months. What they didn’t clue us into was just how many of our favorite pairings would find themselves facing the possibility of being torn asunder!

If we’re being honest, we probably knew in our hearts that Maxie and Peter wouldn’t walk away from their wedding day having exchanged vows. After all, pretty much everyone in attendance was poised on the edge of their seat, ready to jump up and chime in when Lucy got to the “speak now or forever hold your peace” part of the service. But Anna and Finn’s implosion? That caught us off guard!

“Anna has to confront the consequences of having kept so many secrets from Finn,” said Van Etten at the time. Now, it looks as if the biggest of those consequences will be losing the man she’d hoped to marry. But more than a few viewers are hoping that perhaps Anna will rebound directly into the arms of the guy who’s been helping her deal with the Peter fallout in recent weeks: Valentin.

It didn’t escape anyone’s notice that just before the wedding, Valentin was more than a little appreciative of the would-be bride’s gorgeousness. When she sought an update on their plan to abduct Peter by asking how it had gone, he responded, “Exactly as, uh… good Lord, you’re stunning. You should really marry someone today.”

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But if the sparks flying between Anna and her Cassadine admirer lead to something more, where would that leave Finn? Based on last week’s scenes in which he offered to be there for Elizabeth, it wouldn’t be difficult to see the doctor and nurse being drawn together should Franco’s increasingly-dire situation play out in a way which makes it impossible for her to, as promised, stand by her man. For example, if Franco were to put Cameron in true danger — as hinted at when he recently lashed out at his stepson — might Liz find herself with no choice but to put some distance between her husband and her children?

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Plus, should Liz and Finn slowly be drawn together, wouldn’t that beautifully set the stage for the return of her sister (and his ex), Hayden? (Of course, the legions of Franco/Elizabeth fans would definitely be unhappy should this particular scenario come to pass… )

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Elsewhere, the scribes have been hinting for months that those who ship Jason and Sam should brace themselves for the possibility that the couple’s current separation might lead them into new relationships. The past several weeks have seen her spending more and more time with Dante (who, you’ll recall, literally prevented Sam from attacking Peter when she found out he’d ordered Drew’s plane downed) while Jason has been teaming up with… Britt?

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Jason confronts Britt about Peter on GH

“Britt and Jason do create sparks when they butt heads,” noted O’Connor. “They may even spark a fire if they take a different turn and look at one another in a new light.”

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They say change is good, and sometimes even necessary… but soap fans don’t always see things that way when it comes to their favorite couples. So what do you think, General Hospital fans… could you see yourself falling for any of the potential pairings above? We know you’ve got thoughts, so share them in the comment section. Then join us in flashing back on 30 of our favorite soap opera love stories in the gallery below.