Anticipation for the 2010 Soap Cruise is mounting as the Celebrity Century will set sail with 19 of your favorite soap stars from Miami (with stops in Key West and Cozumel) on January 28.

I recently spoke with Laura Wright (Carly, GH) about the upcoming voyage, who shared that this will not only be her first time on the Soap Cruise, but it will be her first time on a cruise period.

Even though she admitted she’s a bit nervous, she enthused, “I’m super excited too because Kim Zimmer (Reva) and Robert Newman (Josh) from Guiding Light are going to be there and I’ve done events with Austin Peck (Brad) from As the World Turns, and Christian LeBlanc (Michael, The Young and the Restless), who I love, love, love, love. It’s such a great group of people.”

It’s clear she’s exited to hang out with her fellow Daytime cohorts, but as for her excitement over spending four days on a ship with her fans, she mused, “That’s a little scary, but absolutely. You know, I’m fine. I’m pretty sure the guys are going to get lots of lovin. (laughs) Yeah, it’s a good time. It’s always fun when you get to be that close and interactive with the fans. Always.”

There will be plenty for the fans and soap stars to do while on the four day excursion, including karaoke and of course the ship’s casino. I wondered if Laura would be found doing either of those activities. “I like to gamble; I’m pretty sure I’m not going to karaoke. I’ll gamble all day long, but I’m not going to get up and sing,” she declared. “I will hoot and holler. I will be there when everyone else does.”

When she’s not cheering everyone else on, you might be able to find her at the blackjack tables (which is her game), as well as the meet and greet, Q&A and trivia sessions, not to mention the cocktail party, VIP Breakfast and probably just hanging out on the ship with her husband, who she plans to bring.

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– Lori Wilson