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The beloved vet shared his candid opinions in a Cameo video circulated on Twitter.

Discussing the Peter August storyline that’s currently unfolding on General Hospital, Tristan Rogers held nothing back in a Cameo video shared to social media by fans on March 2. But he was quick to throw his support behind the erstwhile Henrik Faison’s portrayer.

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“Listen,” he began, “don’t be too hard on Wes Ramsey. He’s got himself into a horrible storyline, and the storyline is the fault of the show. What they’ve literally done is they’ve painted themselves into a corner, and they don’t know how to get out of it… ”

“We think we’re edging towards the end,” he added, “but we don’t really know.”

From there, the General Hospital vet further defended Ramsey, inarguably a terrific actor. “Give ol’ Wes the benefit of the doubt,” said Rogers, who’s played Robert Scorpio off and on since 1980. “I think he was wrong for the character. The ideal person for that character would’ve been [someone like] Anders Hove,” who of course was Peter’s father, Cesar Faison.

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“He had natural menace about him,” observed Rogers. “He’s the sweetest puppy dog in the world, but he just looked like he’d rip your arms off, and that’s what that character needs. Wes is… too much of a gentleman.”

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