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Valentin might not be the only one shocked by BLQ’s return.

Amanda Setton’s maternity leave is over, which means Brook Lynn is returning to General Hospital later this month. Considering BLQ exited Port Charles with a pregnancy test in her purse, viewers were left wondering if she’ll return with a bun in the oven.

If so, that that little bun could shake up a whole lotta lives in Port Charles.

Since Brook Lynn slept with Valentin before leaving town, the logical assumption would be that he is the baby’s father — should there be one.

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Since Ned’s head about exploded when he learned his daughter had sex with Valentin, his reaction to discovering his first grandchild is a product of that night could be epic. But, hey. The Quartermaines already have ties to the Corinthoses and Jeromes, what’s one more shady branch added to their family tree?

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Not only would a baby create a lot of drama between Ned and Brook Lynn, but things could finally heat up businesswise. Remember, when Valentin took over half of ELQ by convincing Nelle, Brook Lynn, and Sam to turn over their (or their kids’) shares? It turned into such a nonissue we can’t blame you if you don’t. But now, that potentially juicy storyline could finally go somewhere.

The Quartermaine’s aside, should Valentin be the father of Brook Lynn’s baby, it could come at a bad time for the man still pining for Nina. Now that she’s no longer with Jax, Nina might find herself drawn back to her ex-husband. And if that happens, Brook Lynn’s potential bombshell could create even more chaos between Valentin and Nina.

All Nina has ever wanted is to be a mother, but sadly, she just found out the adult daughter she didn’t know was hers, Nelle, is dead. Would she be able to embrace raising another child of Valentin’s that isn’t hers? Or, would she run from him once again?

Of course, Valentin might not even be the father, should Brook Lynn be pregnant. Despite her only being seen romantically with Valentin since Amanda Setton took over the role and Briana Lane stepped in during her maternity leave, there are other options for the father. BLQ did have a past with the dearly departed Dustin, with whom she continued to flirt. And then there’s Chase, who she was developing a friendship with before she skipped town.

If she is in fact pregnant, General Hospital could retcon it so that she did have a fling with one of them that the viewers didn’t know about. Of the two, Chase as the father would make the most sense, considering Dustin is no longer with us. Besides, Brook Lynn and Chase have great chemistry, despite her whacking him more than once. And while Chase is hoping to reunite with Willow, it’s looking more and more like she’s into Michael, which would leave him free to form genuine feelings for the potential mother of his child.

Then, there’s the possibility that Brook Lynn might not even be pregnant when she returns. However, thinking of all the drama a Quartermaine/Cassadine baby could stir up, we certainly hope she is.

How about you? Are you expecting Brook Lynn to return with big news for Valentin? Or are you hoping for a different scenario?

Look through the photo gallery of soaps stars’ recent baby announcements and then tell us what you think about Brook Lynn’s return below.

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