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Think about it: What the show has Kelly Monaco’s character doing now isn’t so much a whodunit as a… why?

Correct us if we’re wrong, but it was a capital-B, capital-D Big Deal when General Hospital had Sam come to the conclusion that her children would be safer if she separated from Mob hitman Jason and his unusually deadly lifestyle. That’s right, isn’t it? That was major.

So are you, like us, mystified by Sam’s outta-nowhere decision to buy out Curtis’ shares of their private-detective agency? If she wanted to keep her offspring out of harm’s way, wouldn’t a more sensible occupation be one that didn’t send her on stakeouts and put her on the hit list of… well, pretty much anyone she investigated?

Oddly, the show seems to want Sam to have her cake and eat it, too. While discussing her desire to dive back into detective work, she was quick to point out that she wasn’t “talking about anything dangerous, because I have kids and I know I have to be safe.”

But exactly what kind of cases is she planning to take that wouldn’t involve danger? Especially in a violence-ridden town like Port Charles?

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Time and again, General Hospital co-headwriters Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor have told us how much Sam has evolved over the years. It wasn’t that long ago that O’Connor reminded us of the changes Sam underwent during the years that Jason was believed dead.

“The audience has noticed that Sam has evolved considerably,” the scribe said. “Seeing her on the air during Jason’s five-year absence, it was clear that she is still the same ride-or-die person who can win in a bar fight, but we’ve also established that she’s a very competent corporate executive.”

Which makes it all the stranger that of all the careers she might potentially pursue at this particular juncture, she’d opt to dive back into the world of detective work. Maybe it’s just step No. 1 in the soap’s longterm plan to reunite JaSam, to make her realize that she can no more live without him than live without the adrenaline rush that she gets from thrill-seeking?

We dunno. What do you think? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery, which revisits the couple’s roller-coaster romance.