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Prepare yourself for the unexpected.

In the preview for General Hospital for March 1 – 5, the big wedding day has arrived, and it promises to bring big drama. Read on for the scoop!

Anna and Finn, as well as Maxie and Peter, are hoping to wed at the beautifully decorated Metro Court. However, even before the wedding began there was behind the scenes drama. Faced with the truth about Peter, Anna was unsure how she could allow him to marry her goddaughter Maxie. Maxie meanwhile began to feel Nathan didn’t want her to marry Peter and went to his grave for advice. There she had a startling encounter. And of course, Obrecht, out for revenge, has learned the truth that Peter is Alex’s child, not Anna’s.

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Of course, then there is Finn’s dilemma. He learned on his wedding day that the results of the DNA test he ran on himself and Chase were in, but Jackie convinced him that it wasn’t the day to find out if he was Finn’s brother or father. However, that day will eventually come.

From the promo, we can deduce that Maxie makes her way back to The Metro Court and puts on her gown to go through with the wedding. The guests begin to arrive, and Robert and Jackie toast to one another. As everyone turns to look down the aisle, Valentin, Dante, and Britt all exchange shocking glances as Maxie’s voice is heard saying, “What are you doing here!”

Do you think the wedding will go off? Or will someone or something stop it? Let us know in the comments!

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