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Could the long-awaited double wedding wind up turning into a single funeral? 

If it seems to you that General Hospital‘s Peter has been getting away with murder — both literally and metaphorically — for years, you’re right. But this week, as he prepares to walk down the aisle in the hope of spending the rest of his life with Maxie, it’s looking an awful lot like his time might run out before he can do so!

“Of course, when a soap plans something like a double wedding, it’s safe to assume that there will probably be a couple of other things going on beneath the surface,” laughed co-headwriter Dan O’Connor during a recent chat with Asked if Maxie is perhaps getting cold feet where her handsome groom is concerned, the scribe said it is “less about Maxie having second thoughts than it is Maxie having second thoughts thrust upon her.”

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As it happens, Maxie’s fellow bride Anna is also caught up in the drama swirling around Peter, the nephew she until recently thought might be her son. “Anna’s finally begun to realize that she can no longer protect Peter,” says co-headwriter Chris Van Etten. “She’s regretting having kept so much from Finn, and she now faces the consequences of having kept him in the dark for so long.”

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As Peter’s past at long last catches up with him this week, Obrecht’s plan to use Dante as a weapon come to fruition. As Van Etten told Soap Opera Digest, “Dante is really concerned that [Maxie] is about to [marry] a psychopath. He hates the guy and he’s been brainwashed — and no one really knows what it means, ‘complete the mission.’ But I still think that his mission is to potentially be this 11th hour, should-someone-need-it way to off Peter.”

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Previews O’Connor: “The double wedding is the crescendo and climax of years of stories and secrets and lies — and by the time it’s over, the lives of everybody involved will have been changed forever.”

The last time General Hospital‘s writers warned us of such a cataclysmic shake-up, Dustin and Dev were killed by a bomb blast that landed Lulu in a coma, so we tend to take them at their word! Could Peter finally wind up paying for his sins, perhaps even the ultimate price? And will either of the couples planning to tie the knot actually walk away married? On your way to the comment section to speculate as to how you think the double wedding will play out, check out our photographic history of this wild and crazy soap, from the first surgeon ever to play doctor to the later characters who “mobbed” Port Charles.