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“When [they] get back together,” she said, “I think it’s gonna be like 9½ Weeks.”

During a free-wheeling conversation with “my sister Z” that was posted to Instagram on February 21, Vanessa Marcil was asked which Sonny/Brenda moments in their storied General Hospital history were her favorites. And she seemed to know that we were going to like the sound of her answer.

“My absolute favorite moments of all time between Brenda and Sonny,” she said, “are the ones that are still coming.”

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Mind you, the Emmy winner wasn’t confirming a return to the ABC soap. It’s just that “I for some reason never miss the past,” she clarified. “Life always gets better and better and better.”

That said, Marcil could vividly imagine what her eventual rematch with Maurice Benard will be like. “To be on set with that man… I can’t really come up with words to describe it,” she said. “It literally pushes you into the next arena of your life and your growth, just to be in his presence.

“I think,” she added, “it’s because he’s so vulnerable.”

These days, in Marcil’s estimation, the silver fox is also smokin’. She used to joke with fans that he wasn’t so hot in person. “He’s like my dad,” she said. “He’s not hot to me… Now I watch him, and I’m like, ‘When the hell did you get so hot?!?’ When Sonny and Brenda get back together, I think it’s gonna be like 9½ Weeks.”

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For those unfamiliar with the steamy 1986 Kim Basinger/Mickey Rourke flick, Marcil explained that it’s about a love affair in which “the sex is so intimate and fun and unbridled… I think Sonny and Brenda have that to look forward to, an unbridled, passionate, love affair that isn’t shackled by immaturity and drama and the [bleeping] Mob and lies.”

Now, in a way, we all have that to look forward to, since Marcil reiterated that even when she’s been working on other things, she’s maintained that she’ll always come back to General Hospital. What do you think? Are you eager for her dream of a Sonny/Brenda reunion to come true? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery, in which we review her great ride as Brenda.