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Someone has a bad feeling about the week to come.

In the preview for General Hospital for February 22 – 26, big reveals and shocks are teased, and a number of lives could be changed forever. Read on for the scoop!

Cyrus is furious, but that’s nothing new. However, Jackie is the one he’s directing his anger at as he confronts her over a story she wrote. Last we saw of Jackie she was planning to go to Vermont to find Cyrus’ mother. So what did she pen that irked him so much?

Since learning Carly hesitated for a split second to save Nelle from falling over the cliff, Nina has convinced herself that it’s possible Carly let Nelle die, or even pushed her. Carly, tired of Nina’s accusations, confronts her about what really happened that night.

As the double wedding approaches, Maxie admits she’s got a bad feeling. As any soap fan knows, weddings are always filled with drama, but a double wedding means double the trouble!

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Alexis pays a visit to Robert, while Finn rushes to comfort a distraught Liz. We’re left wondering if Franco’s taken another turn for the worse.

And as we see an image of Jason, Peter’s voice says, “There’s only one thing you can do with a lie like that.” Then, Anna looks him straight in the face and asks “What’s that?”

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