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On February 18, the Emmy winner threw her support to the recording artist.

After Elle published FKA twigs’ “story of abuse and gaslighting within her ‘love’ relationship,” Vanessa Marcil couldn’t help but express her gratitude. “Thank you for your bravery,” she wrote on Instagram, “in order to help other women. I know you will get hate from people who are hiding their own abuse still, but you have way more love and support from your sisters.

“As we all know, I have had many beautiful relationships but have also had serious relationships — three, in fact — that were incredibly abusive, and the gaslighting part can be very confusing,” she continued. “It can happen to any of us. No matter who you are.”

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As such, the General Hospital alumna had a message for her followers. “If you secretly feel bad about yourself or not enough through a relationship that is supposedly ‘love,’ I want you to know that you are not alone,” she said. “Speak out. Tell your story to other women. Always, Always listen to the experiences of a man’s exes especially if there are more than one [ex] with a similar story and especially if your new ‘love’ has a victim story where he was ‘wronged’ or ‘[bleeped] all over’ by a woman.”

Such tales need to be taken with a grain of salt, Brenda’s portrayer advised. “Almost all men [in my humble opinion] don’t let a woman do any of those things to them. Most men simply don’t do things they don’t want to do. Period. Our society doesn’t raise our men that way. 

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“But,” she added, “we certainly raise our women to put others first, to be a ‘good girl,’ whatever the [bleep] that is, to have shame about their dreams, to pretend a man is better than he is to the world… Protect yourself and your power as a woman. A love story is sometimes just that — a ‘story,’ a ‘lie’ that we tell ourselves and others, and I promise you that you don’t need a man or a child to be happy. The real fairytale is our love of ourselves and our support of other women.”

In conclusion, Marcil beseeched her fans to “bring light to your darkness. You deserve to be happy.”

Amen to that. While you’re here, feel free to check out the below photo gallery of Marcil’s adventures on General Hospital as Brenda.