General hospital tajh bellow tj cousin death
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

“I’m here to ask for prayer, positive vibes, good intentions,” Tajh Bellow said in a video posted to Twitter.

Tajh Bellow knows that there are rough things going on in the world. Really rough. But he also hopes that our hearts are big enough to spare a little love for his mother. (Spoiler alert: They are.)

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In a Twitter video that he shared on February 15, he revealed that a week prior, his mom had undergone an emergency appendectomy. “It was sudden, it was unexpected, and it’s been very bad for her,” he says in the short clip. “She’s been suffering a lot, and she’s having terrible medical complications.”

So the actor, who of course plays TJ, is reaching out to his followers to lift up his mom. “I’m here to ask for prayer, positive vibes, good thoughts, good intentions,” he says. “If you guys could just spare a moment and send her that love, it would be very appreciated.”

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You can tell that Bellow feels funny asking for help, what with us being in the middle of a pandemic and a winter storm turning off the lights (and heat!) across much of Texas. “I know there’s more important things, horrible things going on in the world, that people need support for,” he says, “but … yeah.”

We get it, Tajh. Positive thoughts en route. Before you rush off to call your mom — and you should — check out the below photo gallery of soap stars and their mothers.