Wes Ramsey from General Hospital
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Heaven knows a whole lotta folks have it in for Maxie’s husband-to-be.

For a very long time now, General Hospital fans have been wanting to see Peter punished for his many, many sins. Last week, those numbers swelled when the dastardly dude confessed what we’d all pretty much suspected already: that he’d been the one responsible for Drew’s demise.

Now, as any true soap fan knows, when half the population of a town is wandering around muttering about how someone has to pay, it usually means a murder — whether attempted or successful — is about to take place. (Perhaps the most famous example was the 1980 shooting of Dallas‘ J.R. Ewing, who managed to survive after being plugged twice by — spoiler alert, if over four decades after the fact — his sister-in-law, Kristin.)

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Which is to say: Things ain’t lookin’ good for Peter… and it seems even portrayer Wes Ramsey is speculating as to who might try and do in his alter ego!

The fun started when the mother-and-son duo behind the Twitter feed @10thFloorGH created a game in which photos of folks who have it in for Peter flash rapidly across the screen — looking for all the world like General Hospital‘s current opening credits on speed. When visitors hit their mouse, they get a screen grab of a particular character.

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“Who will kill Peter?” their tweet asked. “Tap to find out who’s going to do the deed!”

In response, Ramsey himself retweeted the game… and seemed to confirm that Peter is a marked man by saying, “Spin the wheel this week!”

Now, it could, of course, all be simply fun and games. But you’ll recall that on February 6, the actor posted to Instagram what appeared to be a farewell message to the soap’s cast and crew. And while he quickly amended his original post to indicate that he was not, in fact, confirming his exit or saying goodbye, suspicious minds (like ours) wondered if perhaps there was more to the story. Add this latest tweet, and, well, we haven’t had this much fun with a guessing game since William deVry began hinting that Julian might soon meet his maker.

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And we all remember how that turned out, right?

What do you think, General Hospital fans? Is Peter heading for a wedding, a funeral… or perhaps both, in rapid succession? Share your theories in the comment section, then check out the gallery below in which we look at more than a dozen daytime demises which caught us by surprise.