Credit: Howard Wise/JPI (2), Chris D/JPI

She’s hurt and angry — and heading toward a move that might shock even her.

To put it mildly, General Hospital heroine Elizabeth was not pleased when she learned that husband Franco had recruited her ex-lover Jason to take him out, should his homicidal tendencies return with his brain tumor. How to handle that terrible possibility, she rightly thought, was something that she and Franco should have discussed as a couple.

“She loves him,” co-headwriter Dan O’Connor tells “That has not changed — she’s still committed to him.

But it feels like a double betrayal,” he adds, “because she feels that he should have brought her into the conversation about what he was afraid of.”

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When Franco didn’t do so, Jason should’ve; it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, after all, to imagine how Elizabeth would react to her husband preemptively ordering a just-in-case hit on himself.

As co-headwriter Chris Van Etten puts it: “Despite the fact that Elizabeth and Jason haven’t been together romantically for years, there was always this mutual love and mutual respect between them, so I think she is hurt that his first call after that conversation with Franco wasn’t to her.”

Thankfully, the matter has thus far been a moot point; there has been no sign that Franco is once again experiencing that, ahem, killer instinct. “If, however, some whiff of danger were to come into play,” the scribes warn, “Liz might have to make a very difficult decision to protect her family.”

Could she actually pull the trigger on Jason, having him put down Franco before he could murder anyone? Would she be strong enough to do that? Answer in the comments below, and on your way, stop off at the below photo gallery that celebrates Genie Francis’ 44th General Hospital anniversary as Laura.