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It was no holds barred when two of the Quartermaines staged a mini-reunion.

That’s Awesome! isn’t just the name of the vlog that General Hospital castmates Steve Burton (Jason) and Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) host. It’s also a pretty accurate description of the latest episode, in which they sit down with Jane Elliot, who (dang it) just wrapped her latest return as Tracy.

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Initially, the fellas discuss with the daytime icon her standout memories of life in Port Charles, from “David Lewis, the original Edward Quartermaine,” to “all the A.J.s” (since the role of Jason’s half brother was recast so often!).

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By and by, Burton chimed in with a recollection of his unforgettable introduction to the set. “My first night there, Tony Geary (ex-Luke) kicked through the doors ’cause he was upset about something, which,” he added, “was amazing. My first day, I came in, and he storms through the doors.”

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Elliot recalled that she’d actually screen-tested with the future Emmy winner — but not when he was trying out to play Luke. “Tony tested for the role of Mitch Williams, who was the husband that Susan Moore slept with on my wedding night,” she said. “He didn’t get the job, but Gloria Monty [the executive producer during the show’s Golden Age] wrote the role of Luke for him.”

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Though it would be decades before Elliot would actually get to work with Geary, they had an intuition about each other from the start. During the screen test, when she descended the stairs of Tracy’s set, the actress found her leading man playing tic-tac-toe. So she took the pencil from him, and they finished the game in character. “We instantly trusted each other,” she said, and “followed where the other would lead.”

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Finally, Elliot shared how tricky it was when Wally Kurth replaced Kurt McKinney as Tracy’s son, Ned. On one hand, she was thrilled — she’d loved working with him as Anjelica and Justin on Days of Our Lives. On the other, Anjelica and Justin had been lovers. So “I spent two years flirting with Wally on Days,” she said. Then “he comes to General Hospital, and that energy is still there.

“I’m still batting my eyelashes at him,” she continued with a laugh, “and I’m going, ‘You’re his mother! Don’t do that anymore!'”

Click on the video above to find out what advice she gave Kurth during his screen test that might’ve helped him clinch the job. Then, since the article has to have left you feeling a bit nostalgic, check out the below photo gallery, that counts down the ABC soap’s all-time greatest characters, from bygone days to now.