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On February 2, Nicolas Bechtel took to Twitter with upsetting news.

It’s a story that by now is all too familiar. The health crisis that has taken hold of the world for so much of last year (and thus far this one) has once again tightened its grip.

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In this case, it’s scene stealer Nicolas Bechtel — beloved to the audience of General Hospital as Nikolas’ son, Spencer Cassadine — who tweeted out that February 2 was a “sad day for me.

“My [19-year-old] sister [Nicole], who is away at school, tested positive for COVID,” he continued.

Bechtel, who turns 16 this month, was able to see the silver lining among the dark clouds. But obviously, the dark clouds are pretty, ya know… dark. “She’s healthy and strong,” he wrote, “but she’s very sick, and she’s alone.”

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On top of that, “seven to 10 days in isolation can’t be easy,” he added. So “please put some positivity out there for her. I appreciate it.”

Consider it done, Nicolas.

Fans were quick to do the same. So was castmate Eden McCoy, who plays Josslyn. “Thinking of you, Nicole,” she tweeted. “Feel better soon.”

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While we await news of Bechtel’s sibling’s recovery — and his return to General Hospital (because Spencer has to show up to weigh in on Nikolas’ new commitment to Ava, right?), perhaps we can distract ourselves with the below photo gallery — one to which he seems destined to be added. It reviews then-and-now photos of actors who grew up before our eyes on the soaps.