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The stakes are high and the drama is pumping as General Hospital pulls out all the stops this month. 

Yesterday, in Part 1 of our exclusive General Hospital February sweeps preview, headwriters Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor gave us the scoop on everything from Sam and Jason’s future to the crossroads which Sonny is rapidly approaching. In Part 2, the scribes warn that Franco’s health crisis could lead to a turning point in his marriage to Elizabeth, predict that Maxie is heading for a much-needed awakening and suggest that family ties could be Cyrus’ undoing.

Elizabeth’s Nightmare Scenario

Talk about your dark twists! Fearing that his tumor might bring “Bad Franco” back out to play, Elizabeth’s hubby went straight to Jason and said that if that happened, the hitman should… well, take him out. Liz, meanwhile, is telling anyone who’ll listen that there’s no danger of Franco going on another murderous rampage. But is she being a tad naive?

“I wouldn’t say that,” says O’Connor. “I would say that nobody knows Franco better than Elizabeth, and she believes in their love enough that no matter what happens between them, she will be able to guide them through it.”

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So far, Franco’s darker tendencies have not resurfaced. “If, however, some whiff of danger were to come into play, she might have to make a very difficult decision to protect her family.”

Heading For a (Double) Wedding

Each day brings us closer to Anna and Maxie walking down the aisle with Finn and Peter, respectively. But more than a few viewers are hoping Maxie will wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late. Any chance she might develop cold feet or at least have second thoughts? “It’s less that Maxie’s having second thoughts than that second thoughts are thrust upon Maxie,” teases O’Connor.

maxie asks peter why he's worries gh

Meanwhile, fellow bride-to-be Anna is, he reminds us, “keeping several major secrets from Finn, including who Peter’s mother is and what Peter is capable of. It’s possible that she will have to deal with what she’s been keeping from him as the wedding approaches.”

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The Teen Scene

While some soaps only push their younger characters into the spotlight during the summer months, that hasn’t been the case with General Hospital, where Elizabeth’s son has been accepted by Stanford University… but at the worst possible time. “He has an opportunity to spread his wings and change his life,” previews Van Etten. “But at what cost? Can he really abandon his family when they need him the most?”

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At the same time, his best friends — Trina and Joss — are, as Van Etten says, “trying as much as possible to put the dark, grown-up problems they’ve been dealing with aside and focus on being seniors for the last few months of the year. However, they’re going to learn that kids have their own sets of problems, and they might not be that much easier!”

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A Family Divided

Finding out that Cyrus is her half brother threw Laura for a loop, especially given his involvement in the explosion which landed Lulu in a coma. “She is enraged every time she sees Cyrus, which is something of a new feeling for the usually-charitable mayor of Port Charles,” says O’Connor. “Because of that, she’s hoping that Martin might turn out to be the good brother who can, in essence, help her get through to Cyrus.

“But the contrast between the two men,” he adds, “may not be as simple as that.”

Which puts Laura, as Van Etten sees it, in a terribly difficult position. “The people of Port Charles have always seen Laura as a person who will generally do what will result in the most good for the most people. But there is always the potential risk that Cyrus might get his hooks into Laura the same way that he has gained leverage over and curry favor from other people in town.”

In Other News…

Things have gotten awfully strained between Curtis and Jordan over the past few months, especially since he’s found himself questioning whether he really knows the woman he’s hitched to. “Their marriage faces a real test,” sighs O’Connor. “He wants honesty, but given her line of work, she’s not always able to offer that. If their marriage is going to be saved, one of them is going to have to compromise. But is either of them willing to do that?”

michael sasha chase willow GENERAL HOSPITAL - The Emmy-winning daytime drama "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. GH19(ABC/Todd Wawrychuk)CHAD DUELL, SOFIA MATTSSON, KATELYN MACMULLEN, JOSH SWICKARD

Finally, although Michael and Willow seem prepared to go their separate ways, things between them, Sasha and Chase are about to get more complicated. “Michael and Willow developed strong feelings for each other during this marriage of convenience,” says Van Etten, “and those feelings won’t be easy to shake off. At the same time, Sasha has found a connection with Brando, who helped her through her recovery. So the goal of repairing those two couples might be more difficult than anyone anticipated.”

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Now that you’re clued in with regards to who’ll be doing what to whom in the weeks ahead, visit the comment section to tell us which plots you’re most looking forward to. Then check out the gallery below to see which of your favorite General Hospital pairs made our list of daytime’s 35 best weddings.