GH Rundown for the week of November 2!

Last week’s GH was all about saving Carly, Claudia’s demise and how Claudia’s death affected everyone. I pretty much loved every bit of it and don’t think I have much to complain about this week.

The Birth

Carly fortuitously found an empty, yet safe cabin to have her baby in. Of course Claudia followed her and the shot of her standing a the doorway, dripping wet from the rain, with the ominous lighting on her face and the slightly upwards angle was hilarious and scary at the same time. Claudia showed some compassion though and acted like a human being by helping Carly give birth, but then turned back into a psycho and tried to kidnap little Josslyn. This pretty much exemplified the problem I had with Claudia during her whole time on the show. She would make us feel compassion towards her, but then turned around and did an amazingly horrendous thing. There was never any middle ground with her and I needed more shades of gray and not such massive extremes.

The Rescue

Michael found the cabin, took an axe and swung the handle at his stepmother’s head before she could leave with his sister. At first I wasn’t thrilled knowing Michael was going to be the one to kill Claudia, but when I watched the scenes I changed my mind. I thought it was done well and even though Michael is acting as if killing someone is no big deal, I have to believe they will ultimately make him realize the gravity of what he’s done and force him to deal with it. This will more than likely shape Michael’s actions and emotional well being for some time to come and since the mob element doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, there needs to be some consequence to the violence, and Michael is it. A pretty good choice I think.

Aside from the Michael stuff, I was so glad those scenes were quick. Everything from Claudia grabbing Carly to Carly giving birth to Michael killing Claudia only took two or three episodes. That’s almost unheard of in soaps. When things go on for too long, it loses it’s impact so I was happy they didn’t play this out to death. No pun intended.