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Everything could be revealed.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of January 25 – 29, the announcer teases, “The news is spreading!” Across Port Charles, residents seem fixed to their phones as alerts come in.

Michael receives a startling text and has to run off. Could Wiley be in trouble? The boy still has a heart condition and Monica warned that after the first operation to repair the hole in his heart that he might need another surgery.

Franco receives an interesting alert, while Maxie is also glued to her phone’s screen. Both of them are linked unknowingly through Peter, whose voice Franco keeps hearing in his head, which is a memory from Drew Cain. Franco could be poised to be the one to blow Peter’s secrets apart.

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Liz and Nikolas also receive simultaneous alerts, as the announcer teases that buried secrets are about to be revealed. Nikolas asks Liz, “Is it true?”

Finally, Jax turns to Nina and tells her, “I can’t lie to you anymore!” Just last week, Jax told Carly the truth that Nelle was Nina’s daughter was bound to eventually come out, and now that Avery has the other half of the necklace, it just may have. Carly put a plan into motion to try and steal it back from the little girl, though Jax felt it was time he confessed to Nina. Will Nina finally learn the truth about her daughter?

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