Credit: Dashing young doctor. (ABC)

It appears that the powers that be at General Hospital have reconsidered and written material that’s worthy of keeping Stuart Damon around for a while. When the soap world first learned that the mighty ax fell on the 30-year veteran months before his contract was up, fans everywhere where shocked (and angry)! Reportedly as shocked (and angry) was none other than Emmy-winner Mr. Damon himself. But cheer up! has learned that in the months that have passed since getting the “heart-breaking” news, Daman has recently accepted the notion that Alan will be returning from the other side! “The stuff for Alan as a ghost is so much fun that I hold no animosity whatsoever,” an excited Stuart Damon has said.

Fun? Ghost Stuff? Do those words usually go hand-in-hand in soaps? Not really. But as we well know, anything with the Quartermaines has “fun” potential! has learned that starting March 8, Alan will be sitting on the Q sofa wearing a sweat suit, but only his sister Tracy (Jane Elliot) will be able to see and hear him. Could it be her guilt for messing with his will? Who cares, as long as we still get to have Alan around! Head writer and Executive Producer Bob Guza says, “We’re going to keep Alan a very viable character.” Guza admits that portraying ghosts hasn’t come across easily on GH in the past. Does anyone remember when there was a space alien named Casey? Can you recall when Edward was a ghost in the early 90’s? Everyone thought he was dead, but he showed up smoking cigars and sucking down martini’s while conversing with his lovely wife, Lila. Later, when Edward turned up alive and kicking, the show decided to attribute his “ghostly” visits with Lila as telepathy or some such soap wizardry.