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What color does a couple paint a nursery when they’re expecting trouble? Asking for a friend.

On General Hospital, Michael and Willow think that they have it all worked out, don’t they? Since Nelle is (cough) dead and no longer a threat to son Wiley, they’re going to annul their marriage of convenience, and the soon-to-be-single Mrs. Corinthos is, it would appear, going to run straight back into the open arms of Chase, the boyfriend she now knows never really cheated on her with Sasha.

Got all that?

But here’s the thing: Unless we miss our mark, it ain’t ever gonna happen.

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Why? Because we suspect that Willow is going to find herself pregnant with Michael’s baby as a result of the moment that they took a detour out of the friend zone. You’d love to think that they would have used protection, what with being young, relatively intelligent individuals. But when does that ever happen on a soap?

Upon finding out that she’s with child, Willow, as well as Michael and Chase, would be faced with terrible dilemmas. She’d have to choose whether to return to the ex that she loves or stay with the husband that she likes. Michael would have to decide whether to fight for the bride for whom his feelings have come to run more deeply than he ever expected. And Chase would have to weigh his own desire to reunite with Willow against his reluctance to break up her growing family with Michael.

willow chase michael GENERAL HOSPITAL - Chad Duell (Michael), Josh Swickard (Chase) and Katelyn MacMullen (Willow) in scenes that air the week of April 8, 2019. "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday (3:00pm- 4:00pm ET) on the ABC Television Network. GH19(ABC/ Michael Yada) CHAD DUELL, JOSH SWICKARD, KATELYN MACMULLEN

“Whad’ya say we finish these drinks and settle the matter with a round of spin the bottle?”

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On the flip side, another, altogether different — but equally dramatic — scenario could play out. In this one, Willow would still wind up craving pickles and ice cream, but she and Michael would do what mature, modern people do and decide to split up, anyway, and coparent. They’re friends. It would be no big deal.

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So the Corinthoses would get their annulment, Willow would recruit Chase to rub her feet during her pregnancy, and Michael would convince Sasha that being a stepmother to another child would be really wicked. It would all be hunky-dory. Until…


Until Nelle rose from the grave in which no one actually believes she’s resting. She’d return to a very different Port Charles than she left, one in which she’s now Julian’s widow (surprise!), and Michael and Willow’s mom-and-pop operation has been broken up (surprise, part deux!).

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Nelle would still have to pay the piper for her crimes, but with an attorney as slick and conniving as Martin pleading her case, the piper would wind up giving her a discount. (“Kidnapping? What? Big deal. Kids nap all the time!”)

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“Wanna get married… you know, for convenience’s sake?”

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Once she was free and clear, Nelle would once again make a play for custody of Wiley — this time, with the added ammunition of her accusations of attempted murder against the baby’s grandma, Carly. The Corinthoses would have no choice but to fold like a pile of laundry. They couldn’t send the queenpin up the river!

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What do you think, General Hospital fans? Doesn’t Willow have a bun in the over as surely as any contestant on The Great British Baking Show? And isn’t Nelle about as dead and gone as Sonny? Hit the comments with your theories, and while you’re here, check out the below photo gallery, which throws open the door on the gorgeous homes of stars from General Hospital and all the soaps.