Sonny is unsure who he is on GH
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Why Morgan could be poised to make a return to General Hospital.

With General Hospital’s Sonny currently hanging out in New Jersey and no memory of who he is, this storyline is the perfect opportunity to reunite Sonny with his presumed-dead son Morgan. Hear us out!

Sonny’s supposed demise came as he was chasing after Julian, who was fleeing Sonny and Cyrus. Cyrus forced Julian to plant a bomb in The Floating Rib to kill Jason, but the bomb went off when the restaurant was full of patrons, leading to the death of Dev and Dustin. Julian ran not only to escape Cyrus’ wrath, but also the law and to avoid being murdered by Sonny, who figured out Julian knew the truth about Brad and Nelle’s baby switch since almost the beginning.

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Sonny confronted Julian on an old footbridge in New Jersey after Julian had been shot by Cyrus’ men. As Sonny was about to take him in to the cops to make a statement against Cyrus, the bridge collapsed. Sonny and Julian plummeted into the river below, with only Sonny surviving. Of course, nobody knows that yet, and his body hasn’t been recovered.

Morgan's 2016 Death on GH

Back in 2016, Sonny and Carly’s son Morgan was presumed dead in another tragic accident. Determined to break up her daughter Kiki and Morgan, Julian’s sister Ava switched his bipolar medication with placebos, causing him to relapse. During a manic incident, he stole Julian’s car and fled. Nobody, let alone Julian, knew that his other devious sister Olivia had planted a bomb in it to kill him. As Sonny, Jason/Drew and Dante tried to stop Morgan, the car exploded on the edge of town and was sent over a ravine. The search through what wreckage remained failed to recover Morgan’s body. So what if like Sonny, Morgan isn’t dead?

But if Morgan is alive, then where is he? We have a theory! Currently, Sonny has been taken in by nurse Phyllis Caulfield and her husband Lenny, who runs a bar in New Jersey called Tan-o’s. While Sonny stays there and works to get back on his feet, Phyllis mentioned making doctor’s appointments for Sonny, including one with a memory specialist. What if in part of him helping to cope with his new situation, Sonny meets another patient who has had to adjust to a whole new reality after he lost his memory and it’s none other than his son Morgan! Of course, the kicker is, neither of them will recognize the other but will likely feel a connection.

Sonny and Morgan on GH

Now such a scenario isn’t coming out of left field. Because his body was never recovered, viewers have expected at some point Morgan would return. Last September actor Bryan Craig teased the possibility by tweeting out he was ready to get back to work on soaps if there were a place and story for him. This was just as daytime dramas were returning from a taping hiatus and under strict new safety protocols. The timing may have not been right then, but it is now.

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Sonny, Dev and Dustin’s deaths haven’t been the only recent tragedies in Port Charles, as it was believed Trina’s father Taggert was also dead at the hands of Cyrus’ men. However, he was faking his death to bide time to find evidence to put Cyrus away in prison. News of his faked death got back to Cyrus, and he planted the idea in Trina’s head that her father was alive to lure him out of hiding. As Trina pondered if her father could be alive, Joss admitted she often had fantasies that Morgan was out there alive, but she knew if that was true then he would have come home to them. But not if he doesn’t know where home is. And just the other day Joss lashed out at Ava for her beloved brother’s death in the wake of her Uncle Sonny’s untimely demise.

Sonny Morgan and Joss on GH

What do you think? Let us know in the comments if it’s time for Bryan Craig’s Morgan to come home to General Hospital and finally be reunited with his family. Or are you hoping Sonny’s storyline reunites him with someone else from his past, someone like Vanessa Marcil’s Brenda?

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