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It seems that anything ya do on the Internet, ya get haters.

When @sweetlikez dedicated an Instagram page to Vanessa Marcil, she was, as anyone would be, flattered. But of course, ya can’t just do something positive like shine a spotlight on your favorite actress without attracting the negative.

We don’t get it, either; that just seems to be how the freaking Internet works.

So @sweetlikez had to deal with some unpleasantness. Afterwards, the General Hospital alum, who we don’t need to tell you played Brenda Barrett, reached out and offered “congrats to my sister @sweetlikez on managing your first haters on your page

“Not only am I honored that you started a page honoring my [bleep],” she continued, “but now you get my haters too! Congrats! You’ve made it!”

All kidding aside, the Emmy winner, whose other credits include Beverly Hills, 90210 and Las Vegas, wanted to cheer @sweetlikez on reaching a major milestone. “Oh yeah, also congratulations on your college graduation, too,” Marcil wrote. “So there’s that.”

And that’s big!

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Though we’ve still seen hide nor hair of the actress back on General Hospital, we remain as convinced as ever that Brenda will soon be back in the mix. Not only has Marcil dropped a whole lotta hints that she’ll soon be back at her old stomping grounds, but the stage is set beautifully for her character to reconnect with old flame Sonny.

“How’s that?” you ask. “Dude doesn’t remember anything or anyone, much less her. He’s got amnesia.”

Sonny in the snow on GH

Ah, but don’t you see? That could be a perfect opportunity for Brenda to swoop in and reunite with the one who got away. While he’s gone from Port Charles and lost to his family, she could happen upon him. Even without any memory of their past, he’d be attracted to this gorgeous stranger. And the essence of Sonny, naturally, remains in him. Only now, he isn’t the godfather of Port Charles, just a handsome John Doe.

That wouldn’t just leave Brenda drawn to him, that would leave her drawn to him like a moth to a flame. You’ll recall that the last time they were together, she’d had to walk away after deciding that she didn’t like the man that he had become (based on what he’d done to her other on-again/off-again love interest, Jax). This, on the other hand, would be a Sonny who was just different enough, free of the burdens placed on him by Mob life, the kinda guy with whom she could…

Gulp. Have a future.

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So Brenda could see this bizarre turn of events as the chance of a lifetime. She could fall in love with Sonny all over again, and him with her, and plan to spirit him away before anyone in Port Charles was any the wiser. This being a soap opera, though, she wouldn’t quite make it back overseas before Sonny’s “widow” caught wind of his “resurrection.”

Then, when Sonny’s memories came flooding back, he’d be faced with the decision of a lifetime: continue to play dead and run away with Brenda… or return to Carly and his life of crime in Port Charles. Certainly, the sparks would still be there between Marcil and leading man Maurice Benard.

What do you think, General Hospital fans? Would Sonny choose Brenda or Carly? On your way to the comments, stop off at the photo gallery below, which ranks the show’s all-time greatest characters. Even if you disagree with the order in which we’ve put them, you’re sure to love the pictures.