Olivia Confronts Tracy
Credit: ABC Screenshot

Things are reaching the boiling point and are bound to explode.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of January 18 – 22, Jax warns the truth is going to come out as it’s inevitable. Recently Nina had decided to give up looking for her daughter, but a talk with Ava made her reconsider, and she began wearing her half-heart locket again. At the same time, Ava was able to convince Joss to give her the other half of the locket that Avery had found. Carly had taken it to be repaired but in actuality, she took it because she realized it was a key to proving Nina was Nelle’s daughter.

After some tips on how to be a spy from Robert, Olivia managed to trip Tracy up and catch her in a lie proving her version of what happened the night of Alexis’ so-called accident was a lie. Look for Olivia to confront Ned about what really happened between him and his ex-wife. Will Ned finally come clean about his one-night drunken stand with Alexis and hope Olivia forgives him?

And Liz is stunned when she learns Franco asked Jason to kill him if he were to revert to his old serial killer ways.

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook