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“I would love to reach each and every person who wrote about that first day back,” exclaimed Denise Alexander.

Like many of us — yes, even some of us who write for websites — Denise Alexander isn’t exceptionally social-media-savvy. So until a fan shared with her the response to her return to General Hospital, she had no idea how excited we were to have her back on screen as Lesley.

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“Wow!” she wrote back. “I am breathless! What a wonderful surprise!

“I am beyond grateful for all the kind and amazing and funny and sweet and caring and supportive and truly delicious messages,” she continued. “I have never felt so appreciated.”

Maybe Alexander didn’t realize just how beloved she is for her long run as Laura’s mother, for years the ABC soap’s foremost heroine. But she definitely didn’t realize the stir that her comeback had caused in the Twitterverse.

GENERAL HOSPITAL, Craig Heubing, Genie Ann Francis, Mike Gregory, Denise Alexander, John Beradino, (1978), 1963-, ©ABC/courtesy Everett Collection

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“I do not have a clue as to how to communicate on the Internet on Twitter,” she admitted. “I would love to reach each and every person who wrote about that first day back. But I don’t even know what the rules are.

“I’ve a vague sense that there is a limit to how long a message can be,” she added, “but do not know how to reach anyone. Is there any way you could forward at least my thanks to everyone?”

That there was, and that the fan did indeed do. In closing, Alexander told her legion of admirers, “I love each and every message, and am full of gratitude.”

And as for the individual who collected the posts for her, “you,” said Alexander, “are a lovely person.”

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