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Looking at that view, we can see why it would be hard to say goodbye.

You could all but hear the wistfulness in Ingo Rademacher’s voice as you read the post. “Last ice tub looking over my property, reflecting on all the amazing memories this place has given me,” he captioned a breathtaking photo from his home in Hawaii. “From meeting my wife just one beach over to Pohaku being born in the very house I’m looking at and our chickens roaming the yard.

“Such good times and memories,” he continued.

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But even as he was saying the farewell kind of aloha to paradise, he was also excited. He was, after all, returning to Los Angeles to pick up where he left off as Jax. “Super stoked to be heading back to General Hospital next week and continue shooting our awesome show with the best crew and cast that anyone could hope for.

“We start shooting again,” he added, “on January 22 after many, many tests.”


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It certainly sounds like Rademacher will be sinking his teeth into some juicy material upon his return. As the soap’s headwriters recently told us — you can read our whole exclusive 2021 preview here — “The truth about Nelle’s origins and Nina’s missing daughter comes to a head in an extremely dramatic fashion that has a rippling effect across the canvas, particularly for Carly and Jax.”


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Considering how close the exes have remained — and the fact that they have been keeping secret the circumstances of Nelle’s “death” — we can’t help but wonder if perhaps passions will flare anew between them.

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“Can you keep a secret?”

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Previously, we suspected that the show was positioning Laura Wright’s moll for a rematch with her old flame/BFF, Steve Burton’s Jason. (Read why here.) But with her husband, Sonny, MIA, and Jax’s relationship with Nina seemingly about to be blown sky-high… hmm. It kinda makes ya wonder, doesn’t it?

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