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Plus, Carly’s world will be rocked when someone else’s truth comes to light.

It ain’t easy prying information out of General Hospital headwriters Dan O’Connor and Chris Van Etten. The fact that they play their cards so close to the vest is one of the reasons that the show is so much fun to watch of late; you genuinely never know what’s going to happen (or who’s going to pop up) next!

Fortunately, we caught the duo on a day when they were feeling particularly generous. So read on for details about Laura’s battle with Cyrus, that much-discussed upcoming double wedding and how the truth about Nelle — yes, Nelle — will impact several lives.

Big Changes for Sonny and Carly

Even after Julian’s death was confirmed, it feels safe to say that there weren’t many viewers out there who seriously believed that Sonny, too, had perished following their fateful confrontation. Sure enough, we now know that the Teflon don is alive and… well, not exactly the same man he was. “Sonny will find himself in a new and completely different position than any he’s been in before,” says Van Etten.

GH sonny snow screenshot

Sonny’s next adventure began in a literally chilling manner.

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What’s more, “Port Charles will feel the repercussions of his absence for quite some time,” he continues. With Sonny presumed dead by those he left behind, look for relationships and dynamics to shift in the weeks ahead, especially where Carly is concerned. Already, we’ve seen Mrs. Corinthos try and take control of the Cyrus situation by having his mom kidnapped. (A move, it’s worth noting, that did not go over particularly well with Jason!)

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“Carly is suddenly in the position of being the one responsible for protecting her family,” previews O’Connor. “She is going to have to make some difficult choices to ensure that not only is her family safe but that the businesses and circumstances which have kept her family thriving are stable.”

Cyrus Strikes Back

Jason was definitely right to take Carly to task for the kidnapping, because by doing so she raised the stakes to a dangerous level. “Jason and Carly have Cyrus on his heels,” admits Van Etten, “but he won’t remain there for very long. He is going to poke and prod until he finds a vulnerability that will level the playing field in a big way.”

Carly warns Cyrus on GH

Cyrus may soon realize that he was better off dealing with Sonny than Carly.

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As one might expect, given the soap’s name, General Hospital will play a crucial role in the unfolding Cyrus story. Already, he’s wormed his way into nearly every aspect of the facility’s operation, and it’s recently become clear that he is at least partially motivated by a twisted desire to have a relationship with Laura, the half sister whose daughter he nearly killed. “Laura and Cyrus will butt heads over the future of the hospital,” says O’Connor. Caught between these two powerful warring forces? Laura’s other new relation, Martin. So far, he’s attempted to remain a fairly impartial player, but that may not be possible for much longer.

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“Laura knows that Cyrus has some nefarious intentions when he proposes a radical new plan for the hospital that requires the board’s approval,” he continues. “Laura realizes that she needs to call in reinforcements, which facilitates the welcome return of a legacy character.”

Meanwhile, Curtis and Jordan’s marriage has been under an intense amount of pressure thanks to some of the decisions she’s made where Cyrus is concerned. Can Curtis learn to trust his wife again, or will she continue to leave him wondering exactly where he ranks on her priority list?

Are Jason and Sam Really Moving On?

Fans have been in an uproar since Jason and Sam went their separate ways. But is this a temporary separation or something more permanent? “There’s a distance between Jason and Sam right now,” says O’Connor tentatively. “The hard part is that they love each other and will always love each other.”

Jason and Sam steal a moment alone

Now that they have separated, it may be easier for someone to come between Jason and Sam.

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Adds Van Etten: “Under ideal circumstances, there would be no question as to whether or not they would spend the rest of their lives together. But right now, Sam believes she is making the right decision for her family, and Jason agrees. They’ll always be in each other’s lives, but Jason believes staying away is the right thing to do for now.”

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Ah, but might the key words in that sentence be “for now”? Brace yourselves, JaSam fans, because there do appear to be other options on the horizon for the pair. “The question,” says O’Connor, “is how committed can both of them be to this new arrangement when potential romantic spoilers start to enter their lives?”

Trouble for Franco and Elizabeth

Although they’ve faced their fair share of challenges since getting together, it sounds as if those tests may simply have been warming them up for the major crisis on the horizon. “Elizabeth and Franco will face perhaps the greatest test to their relationship as a result of the machinations of others, ” says Van Etten. “Yes, they came through Ava and Nikolas’ games with flying colors. But others are about to turn up the heat on this star-crossed couple by an exponential degree.”

gh franco liz herbst howarth abc

Don’t they look adorable and happy? Enjoy it while it lasts…

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Secrets, Schemes and Shockers

Could the approaching dark cloud have something to do with Obrecht and her plot to bring down Peter? “She is definitely trading on her relationship with Franco in order to serve what she thinks is a greater good,” agrees O’Connor. “If you’re Obrecht, you better hope that for the sake of your friendship with Franco, you are making the right trade.”

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The big question may well be whether Obrecht’s plan can bear fruit before Maxie ties herself forever to Peter. After all, the big double wedding for him and Maxie as well as Anna and Finn is rapidly approaching. While the scribes would offer no specifics as to what might unfold at the “I dos” — or indeed if they would even come to pass — Van Etten did offer up this morsel: “I think we can say that the course of true love for these two couples has not run smooth, and that there are certainly rockier times ahead as we approach the day of their nuptials.”

GH Carly Nelle Crimson JJ

Believe it or not, Nelle is still not done messing with Carly!

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Elsewhere, in the wake of Julian’s death, Ned decides that he should adopt Leo. But Van Etten warns that Ned’s best intentions will run into a major roadblock when “Olivia starts to become suspicious about the circumstances of Alexis’ supposed accident.” As for Alexis, she will soon realize that she does, in fact, need the help that everyone in her life has been offering. But given how forcefully she’s been pushing them away, will anyone be there when she needs them the most?

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Finally, although Nelle is no longer with us — or so we’ve been led to believe — she still has the power to influence the residents of Port Charles. “The truth about Nelle’s origins and Nina’s missing daughter comes to a head in an extremely dramatic fashion that has a rippling effect across the canvas, particularly for Carly and Jax.”

Now that you’re fully briefed on what’s about to go down in Port Charles, why not hit the comments to tell us how you think things will play out. Then visit the gallery below to revisit the good, the bad and the what-the-heck moments which made General Hospital such a thrill ride in 2020.