Cyrus and Brando talk family at Metro Court General Hospital
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Port Charles welcomes 2021 with hope, heat and thrilling twists.

In the preview for General Hospital, for the week of January 4 – 8, Chase brought news to the Corinthos home on Christmas Eve that Sonny was believed by the authorities to have been the other man on the bridge with Julian when it collapsed, which he was. Though a few believe he may not have survived, Carly remains hopeful that Sonny is coming home to them.

TJ and Molly appear to have rebounded quickly from what could have been their last holiday together. Molly didn’t want secrets between them like the ones that are tearing apart Jordan and Curtis, so she finally confessed her one night fling with Brando. TJ was upset at first, but upon thinking about everything, realized Molly’s mistake was based on misleading information, some of which came from his mother. They decided to take things one step at a time, which apparently begins in the shower!

Brando meanwhile has had his hands full trying to play Cyrus, along with keeping Sasha from getting herself killed by going after the mobster. She hasn’t been too happy with him, but begins to see him in a new light and gives him a peck on the cheek.

2020 ended with an almost bang as Cyrus and Jason faced off on the pier. Cyrus had hoped Jason, who he saw as the new Sonny, would be more receptive to working out a business deal with him. He was wrong. Carly stopped the two from a shootout, and in our weekly soapbox, we found Carly’s move to be pretty badass. Now Jason finds himself crossing a line he never thought he would. Is he going to step up and take over, even temporarily, for Sonny? Or is he going to relent and let Carly continue with her own plans for Cyrus, a move he knows Sonny would hate as they never wanted her involved in the business?

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