Jason and Sonny plot next move with Julian in car General Hospital
Credit: ABC screenshot

Port Charles says goodbye to 2020, as Sonny remains missing.

In the preview for General Hospital, for the week of December 28 – January 1, Port Charles is ringing in the New Year with a bang!

Last week saw the end of Julian after his and Sonny’s confrontation on the footbridge in New Jersey resulted in the bridge collapsing, sending them into the river below. While Julian’s body was recovered, Sonny went missing. Carly made excuses to the family that Sonny was away on business, but Michael begins to become suspicious and finally asks his mother and Jason what has happened to his father. Later, Jason wonders what Carly has done, while Cyrus takes his frustrations out at the Metro Court.

After the revelation of Jordan’s involvement in faking Taggart’s death came to light, several people were angry with her for lying to them, including her husband Curtis. Seeing how keeping a secret put a strain on Curtis and Jordan’s relationship, Molly realized she should come forward with her own indiscretion to TJ while he was missing and she thought he had left her. After partly confessing, TJ demands to know who Molly slept with while he was being held hostage by Cyrus.

To ring in 2021, Chase and Willow go for a polar plunge, and Jackie is back in town as Finn and Anna’s wedding approaches.

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