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Could friendship turn into something more for Sam and Dante?

As we close out 2020, it’s not just us soap opera viewers in the real world looking to put this year behind us. Many of our favorite characters in the reel world are likely looking for fresh starts in 2021, including Sam and Dante, who have both had a tough time recently on General Hospital. Spoiler warning! We are about dive into some upcoming teasers and speculate what is ahead for these two. Could the ABC soap be planning on pairing them up as more than friends?

dante confronts jason about who's protecting the family GH

When the ABC soap resumed new episodes at the end of the summer, viewers were delighted by Dante’s return. After spending two years in a WSB hospital, Dante was deemed well enough to return to Port Charles with a new mission to bring down Peter and Anna, given to him unknowingly by Dr. Obrecht. While everyone was overjoyed to see Dante back, Lulu’s happiness was mixed with confusion as she had moved on with teacher Dustin. Tragically, Dustin was killed in the bombing of The Floating Rib before the holidays. Lulu was just about to confess to Dante that she still had feelings for him when she fell unconscious and had to be sent to a long-term care facility after brain swelling landed her in a coma. As Dante tries to move on, and carry out his mission, some have begun to question how well he’s actually doing, including Anna and Valentin. Look for Anna to continue to press Dante about his time in the hospital. She has no idea Dante is targeting her and her son.

Jason tells Sam he'll deal with it General Hospital

The same explosion that brought devastation to Dante’s life also hit Sam hard, especially when she learned that her own father Julian planted the bomb on Cyrus’ orders to take out Jason. The bomb also put their son Danny in the line of danger, as he was with Jason at The Rib before they left and narrowly missed being caught in the explosion. It was another harsh reminder of the dangers of Jason’s work and how it affects their family. Sam agonized over what to do and finally told Jason not to bother coming home when he left to chase down Julian with Sonny.

After Julian turned up dead, Jason reached out to Sam, and she asked him to stick around for Christmas morning for the kid’s sake. Next week look for Jason and Sam to spend some more time together. While fans of the couple are hopeful they might find their way back together, we don’t think the solution is going to be that simple, especially after Jason closed out 2020 almost killing Cyrus. 2021 is looking like things are going to be more dangerous than ever, especially with Sonny still missing and Carly stepping up and flexing her own muscle in regards to dealing with Cyrus. And of course, Jason will be by her side making sure she doesn’t get herself killed.

The first week of the new year also has Peter lashing out at Sam. We aren’t sure what she’s done to bring down his wrath upon her, but Peter knows that Sam was likely working with Jason and Spinelli to try and uncover and expose all the underhanded things he’s done and tried to hide, which includes downing Drew’s plane, who happens to be Sam’s ex, Jason’s brother, and the father of Scout. Peter’s anger towards her could pique Dante’s interest, as he’s been keeping a close eye on Peter per his mission. On Friday, January 8, while Jason is off meeting with Brando, likely about something dangerous involving Cyrus, Sam is busy bonding with Dante.

Peter Sam and Jason on GH

Now it is possible that Dante and Sam are only comparing notes about the devious son of Faison and Alex, and fans are on the edge of their seat waiting for Peter to go down in flames. Dante and Sam could team up to make that happen, but could more come out of this scenario? Both Sam and Dante are single and hurting and may turn to one another for comfort. Of course, given their history, and their intertwined families, anything more than friendship might feel a little awkward. After all, Sam was once intimately involved with Dante’s father Sonny, before pairing up with Sonny’s enforcer Jason. Then there is Carly, who is family and close to both Dante and Jason, though it’s no secret she’s Jason’s biggest fan. We can’t imagine her condoning Sam moving on with anyone but Jason, let alone with her step-son!

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Sam’s own family would make a pairing with Dante tricky too. Her mom Alexis shares a past and child with Sonny, linking Sam’s sister Kristina to Dante. Then there is the entire mess of Alexis drunkenly sleeping with Dante’s mother Olivia’s husband Ned, who is another one of Alexis’ ex’s! Everyone in Port Charles is no more than six degrees separated from one another, and Sonny seems to be the Port Charles equivalent of Kevin Bacon.

And while stranger relationships have happened on this soap, we aren’t sure this one would fly with the viewers, especially the Jason and Sam fans. On the other hand, depending on how long Sonny is off the canvas, it could lead to something more happening between Carly and Jason, especially after they both expressed to one another they couldn’t stand the thought of losing each other what with Sonny’s condition unknown.

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Let us know in the comments what you think is going to happen, or would like to see come from Dante and Sam getting closer. Are they better off as friends and family, and working together to take down Peter… or are they both overdo some happiness, even if they find it together? Or are you holding out for Lulu’s return, and maybe hoping Dante’s mission results in the return of a not so dead Drew, reigniting a triangle between Sam, Jason, and his brother.

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