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Credit: ABC screenshot

Now that his character’s fate has been revealed, the actor is holding nothing back.

General Hospital fans were… how to put it… not pleased when they learned in ghoulish fashion that Julian Jerome had used up his ninth life on December 21. As a viewer named Katharine tweeted to the deceased’s portrayer, William deVry, showing the ill-fated mobster’s remains was “pretty gruesome for a soap, especially around holiday time.

“And since when,” she added, “do soaps even show bodies?”

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In response, deVry let loose, first rewinding to the explosion at the Floating Rib that hastened Julian’s meeting with his maker. The show “had a great Thanksgiving blast,” he wrote, tongue firmly planted in cheek, “and nothing says Christmas holidays like a body bag.

“Was so nice to have me die,” he continued, “on my dad’s death anniversary.”

When fan Emily Koeppel argued that it had been totally unnecessary to show the actor in a body bag, he had a little pun with his response: “Ya, I guess they wanted to zip it.”

To a viewer who said that, anticipating what was to come, they’d skipped the last two episodes, deVry said, “I don’t blame you. Painful.” He’d attempted to warn the audience without giving anything away. “I tried to explain without saying it out loud. It’s bad. Very bad.”

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Heck, Kin Shriner (Scotty) suggested that “as your lawyer, we might have a case. As your friend, I will miss you.”

“Incredibly sweet,” deVry tweeted back. “You’re very easy to be friends with. Sorry I got killed off.

“The minute I get on a new primetime show,” he continued, “I’m gonna bug them until they bring you on.”

Of course, if the fates pay any attention to our ideas, deVry will wind up on another soap. (Read all about the role we picked out for him here.) And while you’re mourning Julian’s untimely passing, revisit happier times — well, less bullet-riddled ones, at least — in the below photo gallery of deVry’s wild ride at General Hospital.