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On December 19, the actor set the record straight.

Ever since Réal Andrews revealed in December of 2019 that he’d undergone surgery as part of his battle against cancer, fans have been concerned. And when earlier this month, it was announced that he was being temporarily replaced as Taggert on General Hospital, his admirers’ worries intensified. So finally, he took to Instagram to share a major update on his health.

Accompanied by his adorable dog Diamond, Andrews started off by acknowledging that “there’s been a lot of speculation and rumors going around about my health.” So he was going to clear the air.

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“First and foremost, I just got my results back from my year check-in,” he continued, “and I’m absolutely cancer-free.”

But Andrews isn’t just doing well, he’s doing fantastically well. (No doubt at least in part from the TLC that Diamond offers.) “I am probably in the best shape of my life,” said the soap-hopper (who’s also appeared on As the World Turns, All My Children and Days of Our Lives). “So I appreciate your prayers and support, but I just didn’t want these rumors going sideways and stuff.

“I’m very healthy and in good hands,” he concluded. “God’s got me.”


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So how do ya like that? News that’s like a Christmas present you don’t even need to unwrap. And certainly Andrews was due for a break. You’ll recall that in the fall of 2019, he disclosed that he’d become hooked on opioids and alcohol while recovering from hip surgeries. Yes, surgeries plural. It was after getting clean and sober that he was diagnosed as being bipolar.

Here’s hoping that Andrews and Diamond have a happy, healthy holiday season. And to ensure that yours is full of diversions, too, may we recommend the below photo gallery, which reviews the highs and lows of General Hospital in 2020.