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We must have been on Santa Claus’ naughty list in 2011. Because on December 23 of that year, the five-time Emmy winner who originated the role of Luke and Laura’s son aired for the final time as a contract player.

They say that change is good. But it sure didn’t feel that way nine years ago, when Jonathan Jackson was making his last appearance as a General Hospital regular.

Though the Emmy magnet would return as Lucky Spencer just four years later, to help usher on-screen father Anthony Geary (ex-Luke) into retirement, for all intents and purposes, Jackson was done.

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The way they were…

Lucky’s ‘So Long’

In the story unfolding at the time, his character was reeling from the death of wife Siobhan and the “death” of Jake, true love Elizabeth’s son with Jason (that Lucky loved like his own). Returning to a church in Ireland that held special significance for him and his late missus, Lucky recalled, “Last time I was here, I was looking for a sign, some kind of message, and I got one. It saved my son’s life, gave me hope that maybe You do exist… maybe there’s some unseen presence of love and goodness shining down on us.

“But,” he went on. And it was a big, important “but.”

“But I still don’t know why You chose to save [my son] Aiden and not Jake,” Lucky admitted. “I’m not trying to be ungrateful. I just… I can’t keep going on like this. I need something to believe… something to really, really believe in… and a direction to follow.” (You can watch the scene in full below.)

Why We Need to Get Lucky Again

Regular viewers of General Hospital know, of course, that Jake turned out to be no more deceased than Robert, Anna, Jason, Ric, Laura (who technically vanished, then years later, played dead) or Duke (at least the first time). But for the moment, that’s beside the point. The point, on this pivotal anniversary, is that the ABC soap needs Lucky back.

Why? So glad you asked.

For one thing, as far as we can tell, his original portrayer is available. Jackson’s IMDb page lists his last gig as Nashville, which hello?!? Ended two years ago. Heaven knows that Jacob Young (better known as All My Children pot-stirrer JR Chandler) and Greg Vaughan (more recently Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives) were superlative substitutes. But if the show, and viewers, can get back the o.g. Lucky, why wouldn’t they want to?

There Are Some Dance Cards Waiting to Be Filled

Furthermore, since Sam has drawn a line in the sand where Jason is concerned, how fantastically complicated would it be, were Lucky to return to Port Charles and resume his affair with his old flame?

He’s a cop. He’s not just “a good mobster,” he’s a good guy. He’s on the side of right. Wouldn’t that make him catnip to Sam, who’d prefer a father figure for her kids who isn’t likely to get them shot in Mob crossfire to an actual father who’s as likely to bury them as tuck them in?

Plus, with Franco’s health in semi-constant flux, his better half — Lucky’s former better half — Liz could use someone to lean on. Keeping in mind that she never wanted to stick a fork in her relationship with high-school sweetheart Lucky, you can see the deliciously messy love triangle coming from a mile away.

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“You… me… Lucky, it just makes sense. Hot, hot sense.”

But Wait, There’s More!

Don’t forget Lucky’s mom, Laura. If anyone in Port Charles could use a support system right about now, it’s her. Not only did she just learn that shady lawyer Martin is her brother, but so is “bad mobster” Cyrus. And she can’t even vent about it to daughter Lulu, because owing to the blowup at the Floating Rib, she’s among the quietest residents of a longterm-care facility. (If you’re suddenly nostalgic for Lulu, this photo album is for you.)

What do you think, General Hospital fans? Would you like to see Jackson return as Lucky? And if so, what storyline would you thrust him into? Hit the comments with your ideas, then check out the below photo gallery of the other characters we most want back in Port Charles.