Tracy warns Ned on General Hospital
Credit: ABC screenshot

It’s a week full of twists and bombshells on General Hospital.

Julian’s misdeeds are catching up with him the week of December 7 – 11 on General Hospital as Sonny and Jason are hot on his trail. Julian blackmailed Martin Gray into handing over some cash to help him get out of town, but it seems Julian hasn’t been quick enough in his escape. Sonny confronts the Jerome with a gun this week. Is this finally the end of Julian?

Wait, why is Scott angry, and who is that he’s punching in this promo? And why is Sam in tears? She’s been struggling with the danger of Jason’s job lately and its impact on her and their family. Could she finally be ready to walk away?

With Tracy back in town, it was only a matter of time before she had her nose in everyone’s business, especially her own family’s. Imagine her horror when she becomes the latest person to learn of Ned and Alexis’ poorly hidden one-night-stand. We can only imagine the hell she’s about to give Ned! She was already angry with him for taking so long mending fences with Brook Lynn.

Finally, Brando is shocked to find Sasha in Cyrus’ apartment plotting. While it’s good to see her out of the hospital and on the mend after her heart attack, she of all people should know how dangerous Cyrus is. Maybe a better way of getting vengeance would have been to simply tell the police where she got the drugs in the first place?

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