Bradford Anderson and Steve Burton of General Hospital
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Somebody needs to greenlight this project ASAP.

Soap stars and Hallmark movies go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Just ask such genre staples as Alison Sweeney (Sami, Days of Our Lives), Ryan Paevey (ex-Nathan, General Hospital) and Drake Hogestyn (John, Days of Our Lives), all of whom have become members of the extended Hallmark family in recent years.

Now, Steve Burton (Jason, General Hospital) is ready to become the next daytimer to join that illustrious line-up… and he has both the perfect project and co-star in mind.

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During a recent edition of the popular Stone Cold and the Jackal podcast (which you can watch in its entirety below), a fan asked if Burton and co-host/co-star Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) had ever considered doing a Hallmark movie. After both agreed it was something they’d be interested in, Burton added, “And I have the greatest idea for one too, actually.”

While Stone Cold wouldn’t let slip any details about the plot, he shared that he’d been “looking into a few writers… to see if they could maybe do it for us.” And yes, there’s a part in the movie for Anderson. “Of course you’re in it,” declared Burton. “It’s for us! You might not get the girl, but you’re in it.”

Although the whole thing exists only in Burton’s mind as of now, he’d love nothing more than to see it come to life for next year’s holiday season. Meanwhile, in a separate chat between the pals, Anderson revealed that his wife Kiera had “called him out” on social media for seeming to claim credit for the work she (and possibly a few elves) did in preparing their home for the season.

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Admitting that she’d done pretty much all the decorating while he was running errands and making dinner, the happy hubby went outside to see her handiwork. “I said, ‘This looks great!’ and she took a picture” to commemorate the moment, he explains. In the photo posted to her Instagram page, the actor says, “I had my arms out as if to say, ‘Look at what we did.'” She, in turn, cleared up that misconception in her caption.

“She put it up and said, ‘This is Bradford, he’s a bit of a Scrooge, he didn’t help at all,’” Anderson summarized.

When Burton laughed, “Oh, man, she threw you right under the bus,” the victim agreed, adding, “and then backed up again.”

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In Kiera’s defense, she didn’t put it quite so harshly, and she made sure to add that her hubby “looks really cute in this picture,” which, as you can see below, he totally does.

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Before going back to your own holiday decorating — and please don’t depress us by saying you’ve already finished — why not use the comment section to tell us who you’d cast as Burton’s leading lady in a Hallmark film. (Just to make it challenging, let’s take on-screen love Kelly Monaco, aka Sam, out of the running.) Then check out the gallery below featuring some of your favorite General Hospital stars and their real-life significant others.