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The actress and her character may be gone… but not necessarily for good.

December 1 was a dark day for fans of General Hospital heroine Lulu and her portrayer, Emme Rylan: After being caught in an explosion that had been meant to kill hitman Jason, Laura’s daughter was so badly injured that she slipped into a coma and was shipped off to a longterm-care facility. But if you squint, in that outcome you just may see a silver lining.

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ABC’s one and only daytime drama didn’t kill off Lulu. Not that death really means a whole lot in Port Charles, given that half the town has been presumed doomed at one time or another. But it’s going to be a whole lot easier for the show to bring Lulu back one day if she still had a pulse when she left.

Plus, not for nothing, but miraculous recoveries do run in the reporter’s family. Laura, you’ll recall, slipped into a catatonic state after remembering that she’d murdered her stepfather’s mistress. And look at Laura now!

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Her mother, Lesley, also spent years out of it, while being held by Nikolas’ uncle, Stefan. Today? She’s right as rain.

So yes, it is a bummer — even a bummer and three-quarters — that for the foreseeable future, Rylan and Lulu will be missing from the canvas. But we can’t help but remain optimistic that their exits will be temporary ones. Heck, Laura’s speech to her daughter all but confirmed it.

“Don’t sleep too long,” she whispered to Lulu. “You have been through so many things in your life… and you have always managed to fight your way back. So please, please, Lulu, fight your way back to me… because when you go, you take my heart with you.”

In voiceover, Laura continued. “I will rejoice when you come back to me again,” she said. “I rejoiced the day that you were born, and I’ve rejoiced every day since. And you will come back. I’m your mom; I know better than anyone, and I know you’ll never give up until you come home.”

If we’re extremely lucky, she’ll do so sooner than later and just when the time is absolutely the awkwardest for all concerned. Like, say, when Dante has stepped up to pretend to be Brook Lynn’s babydaddy so that she doesn’t have to tell town pariah Valentin that he should be stocking up on Pampers. Like, say, when Dante has gotten a little too into playing house with Brook Lynn. Like, say, when they’ve begun to form a nice blended family with Rocco.

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The story practically writes itself! What do you think, General Hospital fans? Lulu can’t be gone-gone, can she? Hit the comments with the plot you’d use to bring her back, and while you’re here, check out highlights of Rylan’s run in the role in the photo gallery below.