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Robert overhears a bit of news that is supposed to be a secret.

The fallout from The Floating Rib exploding continues to be felt the week of November 30 through December 4 on General Hospital as Maxie demands to know from Brando and Cyrus what happened given that when she last saw her best friend Lulu she was seemingly well, aside from just having lost Dustin in the bombing. Lulu suffered a traumatic injury that caused swelling in her brain and she required a craniometry to relieve the pressure. After the surgery, Lucas explained to her family that she was in a coma and may not fully recover. This week, Laura and Dante argue about her future.

At the Quartermaine’s, Alexis and Ned bicker about the drunken one night stand they had awhile back. Ned had no idea that Alexis was drinking that night as he was already two sheets to the wind thinking that Olivia was off in Monte Carlo cheating on him with Robert. When he learned that wasn’t the case, Ned decided it was best that he never tell Olivia the truth. However, he did confess to Monica, which was overheard by Brook Lynn. This week it appears someone else overhears Ned and Olivia’s secret.

Horrified by her brother’s involvement in blowing up The Floating Rib, Ava told Julian he had two choices: confront Sonny with the truth or run for the hills. It would appear that Julian isn’t fond of either choice, so Ava offers him a third. She tells her brother goodbye and shoots him! Wait, this can’t be how it ends for Julian, can it?

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