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The Emmy winner certainly knows how to keep her fans on the edge of their seats.

Make of it what you will: Since November 24, Vanessa Marcil has tweeted almost nonstop with her followers about General Hospital and Brenda Barrett, the beloved heroine she’s played on and off since 1992.

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First, the Emmy winner responded to a post in which a fan shared a clip of her character nailing rival Carly with a bread roll at the Nurses Ball — ya know, as one will. The fan was impressed with the brunette’s form, but Marcil wanted everyone to be sure and “check out Brenda wearing the puff sleeve before everyone.

“Supermodel moves as per usual,” she added, hashtagging the tweet #BitchPleaseImBrenda.

Shortly thereafter, Marcil debated a fan who suggested that, likable as she was, Brenda was a spoiled brat. Though the actress tweeted that she loves hearing the audience’s views, she disagreed with that assessment of her alter ego. “Brenda was bold and opinionated yet also vulnerable,” she wrote. “How would you say she was spoiled?

“She has no parents, no family, and she made it on her own,” she continued. “She put up with Sonny lying to her for years [and] putting her life in danger. She always fought her own fights.”

Ultimately, the fan clarified that she’d just meant that Brenda had been a brat when she first showed up in Port Charles as a teenager, and everything was hunky dory again. (That is, if it ever wasn’t hunky dory; protective as she may be of her character, Marcil tends to take this stuff in stride.)

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As follower after follower chimed in, affirming the soap legend’s position, one suggested that “Brenda should come back and hook up with Jason… Oh, would that set Carly off!

“We know they are working towards breaking Sam and Jason up, and he will need a partner that can handle him,” she added. “I vote you.”

“Yes all day to finally landing Jason,” Marcil replied. “Hot.” (We agreed, you may recall, including Brenda in our list of possible next love interests for Jason.)

When yet another fan beseeched the actress to return to the show — and hey, they do suddenly have a little room on the canvas, don’t they? — she asked only one thing more: that Brenda not be written as weak. That, Marcil replied, is one thing the character’s never been. “She left to protect her son.

“She was traumatized, and that I will always love to play,” she added. “It’s a challenge.”

Interesting use of the future tense, no? “That I will always love to play.” Of course, this series of tweets is just the latest fuel being thrown onto the fire that is the rumor that Marcil is headed home to Port Charles — a rumor, we might add, that she started herself over the summer.

What do you think, General Hospital fans? Would you like to see Brenda back in action? Perhaps getting closer than ever before to onetime husband of convenience Jason? Sound off in the comments below, and while you’re here, check out the below photo gallery of characters like hers that can never, ever be recast.