Danny and Jason play pool on GH
Credit: ABC screenshot

Port Charles may never be the same after the bombing of The Floating Rib.

Last week General Hospital ended with a bang when Julian unknowingly triggered the bomb he left in The Floating Rib by calling Cyrus on a burner phone to let him know he dropped off the package. With many citizens inside the bar at the time, fans were left wondering who would survive the explosion. In the weekly preview for November 23 through 27, we will learn the fate of many trapped inside, while the rest of the town race to save their loved ones.

Dante, who was outside The Rib when the explosion happened, is the first to call for backup. He was on his way to see Lulu, but had no idea she was with Dustin. Lulu was trying to break the idea to Dustin that they delay his moving in because of Dante’s return, and the fact that she’s still in love with her ex, but before she could… he proposed! Mac holds Laura back as she rushes towards the bar in tears, knowing she had left Lulu in there.

Also inside were Jason and Danny. Jason was instructing Danny on how to play pool while Sam, Molly, Diane, and Valentin staged an intervention for Alexis. It appeared they had gotten through to her, but perhaps this tragedy will really be what she needs to knock her back into sobriety.

Cam and Dev were hanging out when Franco and Liz dropped by for dinner. As Cam greeted his parents, it was Dev who discovered the mysterious package and alerted the bartender. Did he buy everyone enough time to take cover?

Maxie’s parents, who own the bar, is shaken by the events and how fragile life is, while Sonny comforts Carly at the scene. And the question nobody wants to ask is asked, “Who died tonight?”

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