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As his admirers continued to support him, the actor tweeted, “I’m deeply touched by all the affection.”

After General Hospital aired powerful scenes on November 20 that played like a goodbye between star-crossed lovers Julian and Alexis — you can re-watch below — the praise began to roll in for their portrayers, William deVry and Nancy Lee Grahn. In thanking his fans, deVry admitted that it “was all very difficult to shoot all these scenes.

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“I loved playing Julian,” he added. 

He also loved being at the ABC soap’s set, especially during these challenging times. “I have to say,” he commented on a tweet from executive producer Frank Valentini praising the cast and crew for implementing effective protocols to protect everyone’s health and well-being, “within a few weeks, it did feel like the safest place to be.”

The daytime vet acknowledged that he missed his character being the “‘Don’t double-cross guy’” that Cyrus has since become. When a viewer reminisced about the way that Julian had handled Alexis’ house being blown up, he said that “[I] miss that time,” too.

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As for questions about the bomb going off at the Floating Rib well before it was supposed to — had Cyrus tricked Julian? — deVry quipped, “It was a surprise to me, too.” He didn’t have a ready answer to Amit Divecha’s query about why Julian always seems to make the wrong choices. “Character assassination?” the actor mused. 

Elsewhere on Twitter, a fan named Debbie beseeched Valentini to bring back deVry. “We love him, and he is the hottest man on the show, and above all else, he actually can act,” she wrote.

“Wally Kurth,” she added to Ned’s portrayer, “you are also hot.”

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When deVry noticed that Kurth had “liked” the tweet, he at first “thought, ‘Aww, Wally really cares!’ Then I saw the rest of the tweet where it was mentioned how hot Wally is.”

In response, Kurth, no slouch himself at the business of funny, wrote that, “Of course I care about your hotness, Will, and the fact that I was mentioned in the same breath… well… ”

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Ya know, even if we’re going to lose deVry on General Hospital, let’s hope that we are going to get to keep him on social media, because the guy is a blast. Before you bop away to read another story, check out the below photo gallery that takes you through Julian’s insane life and wild times in Port Charles.

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