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Warning: If you haven’t yet watched Friday’s General Hospital, proceed with caution. 

After a fraught episode in which the building tension left us perched on the edge of our seats, General Hospital took November sweeps to a whole new level by blowing up the Floating Rib with some of Port Charles’ most beloved citizens inside.

Co-headwriters Dan O’Connor and Chris Van Etten warned us that something big was coming. While dishing out a whole lotta juicy November sweeps preview, the scribes teased a twist so huge that “the board on which we play General Hospital will be thrown out, and we’ll be looking at a new one.”

Now we know not only what the writers were talking about but that they definitely were not bluffing. The next big question becomes — as we spelled out in the headline above — who will live and who will die. Or, as O’Connor told us, “whether our characters are strong enough to overcome” this shocking disaster.

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If there’s one person most likely to emerge from the carnage unscathed, it is, ironically, the man who planted the bomb, Julian. As events began to unfold, we sort of assumed that he’d wind up a victim of the blast, especially now that we all know portrayer William deVry is on his way out.

GH julian worried screengrab

It seems, however, that we’re likely to have Julian for at least a bit longer as he did his awful duty and then beat a hasty, if reluctant, retreat. (To be clear, Julian’s only target was Jason, whom he believed would be alone in the restaurant for a pre-scheduled meeting when the device Cyrus ordered him to plant exploded.)

Perhaps anticipating the fallout, Julian spent much of Friday’s episode reflecting on the past and, when speaking to Alexis, sounding like a man settling his accounts before facing judgment. “Alexis,” he said at one point, “you have been such a positive light in my dark life.”

Even a few sheets to the wind, Alexis picked up on the rather fatalistic tone of her ex’s words and asked if he was leaving town. “No,” he replied dejectedly. “In fact, I’m doing everything I can to stay.” The fact that next week finds Ava giving her brother an ultimatum, however, indicates that Julian may soon have to face the music.

Far likelier to meet their maker in the blast is the other character around whom rumors have been circling the past few weeks, Lulu. While portrayer Emme Rylan has not confirmed that she’s leaving the soap, she’s come about as close to doing so as one can without actually saying the words.

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In the moments before the explosion, Lulu — fresh off a conversation with mom Laura — had decided to tell Dustin now wasn’t the time for him to move in. Arriving on the scene, her beau agreed they should be on a different trajectory… then dropped to one knee and did what guys usually do while in that position. “Lulu Spencer, I love you with all my heart,” he declared. “Will you marry me?”

GH Lulu Dustin pre engagement

Could the fact that next week, Dustin and Dante — who arrived just in time to see the building demolished — find themselves sharing a common goal indicate that Lulu’s fate has yet to be determined… as in she’s buried in the rubble awaiting rescue? Or might the men find themselves leaning on one another as they try to face an impossible loss, possibly related to the bad news which Kevin is in the awful position of having to share with wife Laura?

GH liz franco cameron screenshot

Perhaps the cruelest blow could be dealt to Liz and Franco. Having just gotten confirmation that his tumor is, in fact, back, they’d proactively made arrangements for him to be treated by none other than Dr. Patrick Drake. The couple had then gone to the Floating Rib and were sharing a warm moment with Cameron when Cyrus’ bomb was detonated. Next week, look for Scotty to be there for Elizabeth when she needs support. Will she be worrying about Cameron’s injuries or her husband’s ultimate fate?

GH jason danny hug floating rib

Meanwhile, even as Sam was attempting to help mom Alexis face her drinking problem, a dark cloud loomed on the horizon. Sam could find her own world shattered if it turns out that Cyrus’ bomb managed to take out its intended target, Jason… who was at the Floating Rib with their son, Danny! What had been a fun evening of pool-playing and video games might wind up taking a nightmarish turn.

As the smoke is literally clearing, Carly will be anxiously awaiting news as Sonny faces a devastating loss… but does this have to do with Jason and Danny or perhaps Dev? Lest we forget, just before discovering the about-to-detonate bomb, Dev had been prepared to blow up his friendship with Cameron by revealing the truth about Josslyn’s supposed journal entry.

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One thing’s for sure: It will take a holiday miracle for everyone to emerge from the Floating Rib alive. As we brace ourselves for this week’s episodes — we’ll get through whatever comes next together — let’s comfort ourselves by flashing back to a happier time: the historic wedding of General Hospital’s Luke and Laura.